Can I Use Epoxy To Fix Dentures?

Epoxy to fix dentures is a strong adhesive used to repair broken or damaged dentures. It’s like a powerful glue that bonds the pieces together, making your dentures functional again. Simply apply it to the broken area, press the parts together, and let it dry. 

Wondering Can I use epoxy to fix dentures? Yes, you can! Epoxy is a powerful adhesive that can mend your broken dentures with ease. This cost-effective solution ensures your dentures stay in one piece, allowing you to smile and eat comfortably. It’s a simple DIY fix to keep your dentures working like new.

Repairing dentures using epoxy is a practical choice. It’s a straightforward process that anyone can manage. This adhesive forms a robust bond, ensuring your dentures stay intact. So, if you’re facing denture damage, epoxy is the way to go for a quick and effective fix.

Repairing Dentures Using Epoxy Resin

Repairing dentures with epoxy resin is a practical DIY solution. Epoxy resin serves as a potent adhesive, making it ideal for mending broken dentures. To fix them, simply apply epoxy to the damaged area, join the pieces, and allow it to set.

Epoxy resin offers a durable fix, ensuring your dentures remain in good shape. This straightforward process doesn’t require special skills, making it accessible to anyone. Say goodbye to costly repairs and hello to a simple, cost-effective solution for keeping your dentures intact and your smile complete.

Can Epoxy Resin Go Down The Drain?

Epoxy resin should not go down the drain. It can harden and cause blockages in your plumbing. To dispose of it, let it cure in a container and then toss it in the trash. Proper disposal helps prevent plumbing issues and keeps your drains clear. Using a denture adhesive that doesn’t make you cough is crucial for ensuring your comfort and oral health.

Materials for Repairing Broken Dentures

When repairing broken dentures, having the right materials is key. Epoxy, a strong adhesive, tops the list for its reliable bonding capabilities. A denture repair kit containing dental acrylic and bonding agents can also be handy. These materials, when used correctly, can swiftly mend your dentures, ensuring a comfortable and functional fit.

EpoxyVersatile and reliable adhesive for repairing broken dentures. It forms a strong bond when applied correctly. Easy to use for DIY repairs.
Fine-grade SandpaperEssential for smoothing rough edges and achieving a comfortable fit. It helps with a seamless finish and prevents mouth irritation.
Dental AcrylicFound in denture repair kits. Used to mend dentures and ensure a comfortable and functional fit.
Bonding AgentsAlso part of denture repair kits. These agents contribute to successful denture repair.


Epoxy is a versatile and reliable material for repairing broken dentures. This adhesive forms a strong bond when applied correctly, ensuring the damaged dentures are securely fixed. It’s easy to use, making it a popular choice for DIY denture repairs. 

Fine-grade Sandpaper

Fine-grade sandpaper is another essential material when repairing broken dentures. It helps smooth rough edges and achieve a comfortable fit. Gently sanding the repaired areas ensures a seamless finish and prevents irritation in your mouth. When combined with other repair materials, fine-grade sandpaper contributes to a successful denture fix.

Repairing a Partial Plate Denture

Repairing a Partial Plate Denture

Repairing a partial plate denture is simple. If it breaks, get epoxy. Apply epoxy to the broken parts and join them together. Let it dry, and your partial plate denture is as good as new. First, gather the epoxy and your broken partial plate denture.

Apply epoxy to the broken area, ensuring a secure bond. Press the pieces together firmly and allow time for drying. In no time, your repaired partial plate denture will be ready to use again.

Can I repair dentures with Araldite?

Yes, you can! Araldite is a reliable adhesive for fixing broken dentures. It works similarly to epoxy, forming a strong bond. To mend your dentures, apply a small amount of Araldite to the broken area, press the pieces together, and allow it to dry. 

Araldite is a cost-effective and accessible option for denture repair. Many people find success using it to fix minor to moderate damage. Remember, it’s important to follow the instructions on the Araldite packaging to ensure a secure and lasting repair.

Best Glue For Denture Repair

When it comes to the best glue for denture repair, epoxy stands out as a top choice. Its strong adhesive properties make it perfect for mending broken dentures. Easy to use and cost-effective, epoxy ensures a secure and long-lasting fix, allowing you to smile and eat with confidence.

Another great option for denture repair is acrylic resin. It’s specifically designed for dental applications and offers a reliable bond. With acrylic resin, you can trust that your dentures will be restored to their full functionality.

Denture Repair Kit

Denture Repair Kit

Here are some key points about denture repair kits:

Convenient Solution: Denture repair kits provide a quick and convenient way to fix broken or damaged dentures at home.

Inclusive Contents: These kits typically contain adhesive, replacement teeth, and necessary tools for repair.

Cost-effective: Using a denture repair kit is a cost-effective alternative to professional dental services for minor repairs.

DIY Repairs: With easy-to-follow instructions, individuals can perform do-it-yourself repairs on their dentures.

Common Uses: Denture repair kits are ideal for addressing issues like cracked or missing teeth.

Time and Money Saving: They offer a time-saving and budget-friendly option for maintaining functional dentures.

Accessible for Many: Denture repair kits are readily available and accessible to many people who wear dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to apply epoxy to dentures?

Absolutely, applying epoxy is a simple, do-it-yourself process.

How strong is the bond created by epoxy on dentures?

Epoxy forms a robust bond, ensuring your dentures stay intact.

Can I eat and smile confidently after using epoxy for repair?

Yes, epoxy repair allows you to enjoy your dentures without worry.


Choosing the right adhesive for denture repair is crucial. Epoxy and acrylic resin emerge as top contenders, with epoxy offering an easy and cost-effective DIY solution. It ensures a strong bond, letting you smile and eat with confidence. Acrylic resin, designed for dental use, provides a reliable alternative. 

When faced with the question, Can I use epoxy to fix dentures? The answer is a resounding yes. These practical solutions empower you to take control of your denture repair. No need for special skills or extensive costs—just a simple application of the chosen adhesive, and you’re well on your way to enjoying life without the worry of denture damage. 

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